Friday, July 31, 2009

Genealogy Happy Dance Time!

I am going to try and get this thing off the ground.I have to write about my great news of two days ago.I had finally got around to posting on mailing list asking if anyone else was researching the surname MOTA.This was my dads paternal grandmothers maiden name.It is not a common Spanish/Mexican surname and I have not been able to place my great grandmother Susan Mota in the census before 1880.So all I knew was she was born abt.1862 in May, in California,and spoke Spanish.She married a Sicilian immigrant and was in Gilroy by the 1890's.I had found mention of a Mota in Bancroft and figured she might be a granddaughter of his.
Well a researcher of California family's came up with her full name,baptism and birth date, place and her family!It is most certainly her!I am very excited!And amazed at how many early California lines my father is descended from.Now I need to order the film to look at her baptism and make a real effort to find her on the 1870 census now that I will have some other info. to use in the search.
I want to try and find her marriage record as well.Susana Delfina Ruiz de Jesus Arroyo was born May 21,1863 and baptised June 14,1863 at Mission San Juan Bautista.