Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Women Behaving Badly-Woman's History Month

March is the official woman's history month-or "Herstory"-for a change.History, we are reminded is written by the winners,you could also add by men to that.But when we only see one side,or gender,or race or social statures views, we lose so much.We miss the big, colorful,chaotic picture that real life is. My Grandmother,May Pearl Arnold(b.19 Feb 1903.Burlington Junction,Missouri.d.5 Feb 1978,Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.)was not famous,or very educated.She did not take part in any history making events that I know of, other than the everyday life of woman of her time.But one day in 1918 her and a friend enjoyed a moment of rebellion and fun that is recorded in this photo and in the story told to me. My Grandma is the woman on the left,the girl on the right was a friend of hers and grandmas brother, Charley's, girl friend.What I remember of the story she told me was they decided to borrow her brothers clothes and they walked around the neighborhood dressed as boys.I guess this was very much frowned upon at the time because she told me the police stopped them and told them to go home and change! My Grandma loved a joke and they look so happy and innocent in this photo!I wish I had the little girl with her's name too.Nothing of the often hard times or 15 pregnancy's and nine living children that were to come coloring this day.And a reminder that the freedoms we enjoy as woman were not so long ago forbidden.This photo also came from Grandma.I don't know if it was the same day or not .The back says Aunt? and I believe I was told this was another moment of humor/rebellion.Maybe it was Halloween? I wish I had asked more questions,I was only a teenager at the time, but I am grateful to have these pictures showing a diffrent side to the women in my family.One with humor and a little bit of daring.Ordinary people doing something a bit out of the ordinary.
And in a bit of a side note, Mays daughter, my Aunt Jean passed on today.She was in ill health for some time and it was a release from pain.I have many fond memories of my aunt and wish her peace in her next journey.


A rootdigger said...

Was that the title suggested, or did you put that in. It's a belly chuckler for me, alright. Probably cause i used to watch them on tv. And taunt my younger co workers I had learned new tricks. tee hee. i doubt our ancesters brawled the way they do. But surely got the noses in the air the way they did then. But I love a rebel, for some reason. As long as not disruptive, or really hurtful. thanks for your post. jo

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a GREAT picture! I love their moxy! I just had to stop in when I saw Highway 99. I'm a native Fresnan and that got my attention since we spend so much time there. I JUST started a new blog (apart from my main - Robynn's Ravings) and it's about my great grandmother and a book of hers I have. The blog can be linked through my main if you want to come by. It's called The Lila Minkler Project. Isn't this fun?!

SaucyKod said...

What a wonderful story. I love the photos and they remind me of how my Mom would like to joke at that time too. I have just stumbled onto your blog and am first time visitor. I enjoy what I see and shall return. Have a wonderful day.